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Soldera Case Basse

The Soldera family has always had a passion for land and wine, so at the end of the 1960’s Gianfranco Soldera decided, with his wife Graziella, to buy some land and try their hand at producing world class wine. The search for the land, with the right characteristics for their purpose, proved to be long and hard. In 1972 they discovered Montalcino and Case Basse, a 23 ha. estate. They planted the first vineyard with Siangiovese vines. The vineyard has always been cultivated with the utmost respect for nature. Soldera Brunello can rest in casks for up to five years; protected from noise, temperature changes, odours and is matured in a bottle. In the quest for excellence, a new cellar was opened in 2001, an exclusive project using natural material to ensure optimum conditions for vinification, ageing and bottling.